How to Choose the Right Retevis Radio?

Retevis radios own many kind radios:analog radios, digital radios, children’s radios, outdoor use radios, mobile car radios… and so on. How to choose the right radio for you? Today we give you some directions.

1, For business use , just meet basic communication is ok, such as for shop, market, small clinic.., with lower budget, you can choose license free radios : The license free radios range is similar , difference is the battery capacity, outside look,  with screen and keypad or not….

For example:  RT22 :  small and light weight, short antenna, hot sale products, loud voice and long range.

2, Some analog raidos are with special functions: scramble, which make your conversion more private.

such as RT22S, RT15

3, Big battery capacity radios: RB17

4, Waterproof radios: RT47, RT48

5,If you have license, there is long range radios for you: RT1, RT29

6, If you have different apartment and budget is good, a lot staff and digital radios are good choice for you. They can make group call, all call.

If the above can not give you direction about how to choose the right radio, you can contact us directly.

7, GMRS radios: RB17P , RT76P

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