How to connect walkie talkie to RT97 repeater

One of Retevis America Customers, ordered 1pc RT97 analog repeater, and 50pcs RT22 walkie talkie, using for his camping organization communication. But he is a little confused, how to connect walkie talkie to RT97 repeater? As what he ordered was stock 10Mzh RT97, which is fixed frequency. He wanna know “How can we preset RT22 to compatible with RT97”?

Here, we will explain step by step, for all customers that need connect walkie talkie to RT97 repeater, this will be a clear programming step reference: –

Step 1: Please first note RT97 UHF and VHF default factory frequency

RT97 UHF: RX 453.31250Mhz TX:463.31250Mhz

RT97 VHF: RX152.61250Mhz TX162.61250Mhz

Step 2: Please download RT22 software from Retevis official website freely:

First USB Universal Driver, then RT22 software

Step 3: Start RT22 software

Step 4: connecting RT22 with you PC, using C9018A programming cable

Step 5: choose USB port

Step 5: read from radio we will get the default frequency of RT22

Step 6:connect walkie talkie to RT97 repeater

programme in any RT22 channel, to be REVERSED frequency of any one or two of RT97 default frequency

Such as RT97 DEFAULT

RT22 set:

Step 7: In RT22 software, write to radio to save all settings.

Finally, switch channel on RT97 repeater to channel one or two, by pressing up/down key.

RT22 talking groups that communicate with channel 1, or channel 2, can use RT97 repeater channel 1 or channel 2 to talk, and increasing communication range accordingly.

In all, just set your analog radio communication channels, to be REVERSED TX and RX frequency to RT97 default channels, then you can use directly. It’s easy operation.

Any other questions about What to do after receiving RT97 repeater? Please feel free to email to We are always here to support!

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