Why RT97 repeater has 16 channels?

I am confused… I thought that a repeater with a duplexer was tuned to a fixed set of frequencies. How does your RT97 repeater operate on 16 channels and still use a duplexer? Thank You.

Above is a questions from a USA customer , who is interested in RT97 analog repeater.

Most repeaters may only have 1 channel. Fixed RX and TX frequency. But RT97 has 16 channels.

UHF default channels as below:

VHF default channels as below:

Why RT97 repeater has 16 channels?

In all, it’s suitable for more flexible use.

For example, if you have several different communication groups. One is security group, we call GROUP A. The other one is logistics group, we call GROUP B.Normally, in order to avoid signal interference, these two groups will use different frequency.

Such as GROUP A communicate on channel 1:

RX frequency:463.31250Mhz
TX frequency:453.31250Mhz

RT97 analog repeater channel 1:
RX frequency:453.31250Mhz
TX frequency:463.31250Mhz

GROUP B channel communicate on 2:

RX frequency:463.32500Mhz
TX frequency:453.32500Mhz

RT97 analog repeater channel 2:
RX frequency:453.32500Mhz
TX frequency:463.32500Mhz

If RT97 has only 1 fixed channel.

You can only order two RT97 analog repeaters to use in these 2 different frequency groups.

But RT97 now has 16 channels.

After using RT97 communicate in GROUP1 in channel 1, you can also take RT97 to group B, just easily press up/down key to switch to channel 2, you can communicate on channel 2 of group B directly. Also no need any settings on walkie talkies. Very convenient!

Beside current 16 channels, for all TX and RX frequency in RT97 16 channels, you can programme to have +/1Mhz.

Such as for RT97 channel 1:
RX frequency:453.31250Mhz TX frequency:463.31250Mhz

You can also programme it to be:
RX frequency:453.31250Mhz±1Mhz TX frequency:463.31250Mhz±1Mhz

So the frequency usage efficiency will be higher. You will feel more flexible and convenient when using RT97 analog repeater.

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  1. I would be wiser if the 16 channel were programmed to the same frequency pair with different tones and the repeater would SCAN.
    it could be used by 16 different users !

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