Why would you choose RT82?

RT82 is a delicate UHF&VHF dual band, Dual Standby, Dual Time Slot radio, and it is delicate, durable radio. It is popular with many customers, especially loved by hams.So do you know why it is popular with many customer? What advantanges does it has? Let’s learn it”s advantages together.

1. It  has emergency function.

RT82 has energency function, when you are in danger, your partner will find out once you start this function. RT82 support 3 types of emergency call: emergency call, call follow emergency alarm and a voice follow emergency alert.

2. RT82 has long standby time

The battery of RT82 is 2200mAh, can reach longer use time.Generally speaking, if you use it normally, it can by use 8-12 hours,it will support 150 hours standby time, if you use it in your communication,it’s enough.

3. Waterproof radio

RT82 is a IP67 waterproof & dust-proof radio, so you don’t worry about the environment,you can use it in wet environment, and you can carry it to everywhere, then you can use RT82 in various occasions.

4. RT82 has3000 channel and can support 10000 contact,this is more important for hams.

RT82 also have many others function, such as monitor,keyboard lock function, DTMF and scan function so on. These function let RT82 more practical,and more valuable,and it is

Now do you have a deeper understanding about RT82? We are starting a promopt for our digital radios, all digital radios %10 off uo to %50 off,RT82 only need $100, If you want to know more about the price, here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/rt82-dual-band-dmr-digital-two-way-radio

If you have any question,please contact support@retevis.com  freely.

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