Mini license free DMR walkie talkie RT40

Mini license free DMR walkie talkie RT40.Some customers prefer digital radio, because digital radio normally has some advantages compare with analog radio. (Sure Analog radio has it’s own advantages also)

A much greater calling range
Better voice quality
Increase in reliable coverage
Advanced software availability

But we know, because digital radio are with more advanced technology, it’s price points is high. Also we may assume digital radio are always heavy, big size…

Really? No. Retevis has a Mini license free DMR walkie talkie, Retevis RT40.

What’s the advantages of RT40 Mini license free DMR walkie talkie?

1.Mini Size: Dimensions Only 104*55*24mm Weight Approx:150g

Very convenient to take outdoors to use.

2.Very economical price Original price: $59.99/pc Now only:$45.99/pc in Father’s Day Campaign We will never see a DMR digital license-free radio in such good price!
(Discount price only valid till 27th, June)

3.EU and USA license free

RT40 has two versions, you can choose FRS version or EU version, based on your operation country.

4.Easy ooperation software available.

You can download RT40 software from Retevis official website freely:

It distinguish FRS version and PMR446 version.

5.You can add 48 group or private call contacts

6.Digital and Analog channels available.

You can not only communicate RT40 with digital radio, but also analog radios. Each switching.

Where can you use RT40Mini license free DMR walkie talkie?

1.In door communication: such as in company, warehouse, shopping mall, museum, library, campus, hotel, restaurant, etc.

2.Outdoor communcation: such as hiking, climbing, hiking, camping, etc.

A convenient, smart size, portable, clear sound lincense free DMR walkie talkie, makes your life more safer, and higher efficiency.

Retevis has some mini license free analog walkie talkie, RT16, RT17,RT18. You can click to learn more.

Wanna learn more about RT40, please feel free to contact kam@retevis,com.

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