How to extend the radio communiction distance?

In general, radio waves travel in straight lines. They can go around and through things but this can drastically affect the strength and clarity of the signal. This causes problems when you’re operating a radio in a built-up, hilly or mountainous area. Sometimes, even on flatter terrain, the sheer distance between the transmitting radio and the receiving radio weakens the signal to unacceptable quality, or the signal may be lost altogether.

So how do two way radio work over greater distances, or when there isn’t a clear line of sight between the operators? Radio repeaters are the solution. Such as Retevis RT97. It is a basic repeater, easy to carry and easy to set. Not like the other traditional repeater. If you are new for radios or you like to go outside with radio, or you want to use for your business, it is a very good choice.

What’s the radio repeater?

A radio repeater is a combination of a radio receiver and a radio transmitter that receives a signal and re-transmits it, so that two-way radio signals can cover longer distances. A repeater sited at a high elevation can allow two mobile stations, otherwise out of line-of-sight propagation range of each other, to communicate. Repeaters are found in professional, commercial, and government mobile radio systems and also in amateur radio.

As hams, the repeater is no stranger to us. When we play UHF/VHF band radio, we use repeater a lot. It extends the distance of our radio communication. We can hear more voice from the other side of the radio. It is a very happy thing.

Most of the radio repeaters are a little big and expensive. And if we want to get better effect, we need to set up an antenna outside. And In some country we need to apply the permission, it will be a tedious process.

If there is a repeater cheap, simple and convenient, so that it can extends the communication distance easily in various scenarios, like warehouse, hotel, shopping mall, outdoor activities, etc, not only for communicate with other hams.

Yes, as I mentioned before, you can consider Retevis RT97.

Retevis RT97 is an analog repeater, Very small and easy to carry.

Its design is very humanization. There is a strap on the housing for easy carrying. And it is very small, if we don’t want to carry with hand, we can put it in the backpack. RT97 gives you different experience.

etevis RT97 ship with car charger cable and allows you use it on your car. Output power is 10W, and you can customize the frequency as you need. The most import thing is, it is affordable, not like other repeater.

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