How to make HD1 communication in different encryption levels?

About radio encyption function, different brands with different encryption ways, even same brand different models, may the encryption is also difference. so when you meet different brands encryption questions, which is normal status. let us learn to how to make same brand two HD1 communication in different encryption levels, The encryption of HD1 has two ways: normal and enhanced encryption

Please preapare two HD1: one named radio A, another namad radio B

How to make HD1 communication in normal encryption

There are 16 groups password, each group you can set 4 bits password: digital , letter, or combine digital+letter, For example :1234,abcd, ab12

Firstly radio A Programme them channel 1, channel 2, channel 3, then choose encryption function, encryption type: normal, encryption key 1 in channel 1, encryption key 2 in channel 2 ,encryption key 3 in channel 3






Set encryption passsword


















For radio B, same frequency set with radio A, encryption password written key no.1: 4567, key no.2:efgh, key no 3: 34ab, if it can’t talk between radio A and radio B, which indicate encyption work

How to make HD1 communication in Enhanced encryption

For enhanced encryption, it’s also 16 groups, but you can set 32 bits password(digital , letter, or combine digital+letter), programming steps same noraml encryption, please follow steps above
If radio A can’t talk with radio, the enhanced encryption also work. In addition, you also programme same encryption in radio A and radio B to test if both can talk. if ok, it’s normal

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