How to set HD1 radio encryption function?

HD1 has two encryption modes, normal and enhanced levels. Different encryption levels, the method of set is also different, for HD1, normal encryption just has 4 bits, however, enhanced encryption has 32 bits. you can set digital , letter, or combine digital+letter, let us learn to set HD1 radio encryption function


Preparation work

1.You need HD1 programming cable J9131P:

2.Please download HD1 USB driver and software:

3. Connect Radio to PC. Keep it power on. Get ‘read data’ firstly, please see screenshot as below
Retevis HD1


2. HD1 Normal encryption set

Let’s take channel 1,  firstly Choose normal mode in ‘encryption mode’, choose 1 in ‘encryption key’, then key value written abcd/1234/12ab (there are 16 groups password, each group you can set 4 bits password)

(Please note the encryption function only in digital mode, not in analog mode)                                                                

Retevis HD1

Retevis HD1













3.HD1 Enhanced encryption set

Similar steps as normal encryption, it can set 32 bits(digital , letter, or combine digital+letter), please see screenshoot
Retevis HD1Retevis HD1













Have you known how to set HD1 encryption function, if you still have anything questions, please feel free to contact us by email,




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9 thoughts on “How to set HD1 radio encryption function?”

  1. Hey so I have 2 HD1 GPS units with the same codeplug and encryption keys one radio set to a specific frequency color code and tallgroup with encryption enabled the other radio set to the same frequency and color code but with promiscuous mode on and no encryption. The radio without encryption enabled is able to hear the transmission from the one with encryption enabled. This leads me to believe the encryption is not working as intended or at all.

    1. So upon further investigation it’s only the enhanced encryption that does not work
      The basic encryption is doing its job which leads me to believe that it may be a firmware issue. Both radios are on the most recent firmware 1.6.1-gps

      1. hi, would you please tell us the details of your problem?
        For two HD1, but the enhanced enctryption does not work? if you have video or pictures about the clear problem of yours, we will help you solve quickly.
        Our email:

        1. I emailed you but I will post a copy for the public community.

          Hello I bought two HD1 GPS model radios and the encryption was the main reason I wanted them. The first thing I did was update both of them to the 1.6.1-gps firmware update using the Ailunce website update tool. Upon programing a duplex frequency and having matching color codes and talk groups I was able to communicate together. I enabled enhanced encryption on one radio and not on the other yet the radio without encryption enabled was still able to hear the transmission. I changed the encryption to normal and the radio without encryption was unable to receive the transmission as I would have expected with the enhanced encryption. I tried swapping which radios had encryption and which did not and every configuration proved the enhanced encryption was allowing transmission to be received without encryption enabled but the normal encryption worked as intended on both radios. I changed encryption keys in the programming software and every time used the same codeplug save to write to both radios so I know the keys matched. I believe the enhanced encryption is somehow broken and possibly may be resolved with a firmware update.

      2. Bungles300arms

        I’ve seen these units reviewed bearing a FCC sticker. Wonder if a condition of this approval was the enhanced encryption is disabled? Not that I am a cynic or anything.

      3. Hey I’m having the same exact issue….. did you ever get a solution to this problem with your HD 1??

    2. hello,would you please send me your radio setting please?
      Because I just tested the encryption on our radios, when active the encryption, for two HD1, they can’t talk to each other.
      You can send your codeplug to our email:

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