How to make old RT81 work with new RT81 radio?

RT81 is a high power IP67 waterproof DMR radio with one slot, the updated version new RT81 has 2 slots
Some customers meet that both can’t work with each other, do you know how to make old RT81 work with new RT81 radio

Install the new RT81 software

Please download and install USB driver and software under support page by this link below

If you already have the old software, when you install new software, there’s an indication below, pls click ‘no’ go ahead

work with new RT81 radio

How to make old RT81 work with new RT81 radio

Here’s the default frequency of old RT81

RT81 DMR radio

After install new RT81 software, pls programme the same frequency in digital mode, in addition, the work mode please choose ‘straight’

For example, channel one

The old RT81

The new RT81

After done, pls click ‘write’ to save your settings

If you don’t know your RT81 is an old and new version, there’re two ways for reference

1. The label of the radio, the old RT81, SKU: A9119A; the new RT81, SKU: A9119B

2. The label of the battery, the black is old RT81, the white is new RT81

If you have any questions about how to make them communicate each other  please feel free to email us,

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2 thoughts on “How to make old RT81 work with new RT81 radio?”

  1. I got 2 radios Retevis RT81. One RT81 bought in November 2020 another in November 2022

    Two models of the same radios are incompatible. Only analog mode without any tone-encoding. Digital mode – completely incompatible. What is suggested in this article does not help in my case.

    Both radios were supplied with the Retevis software ver. 1. But interface is slightly different including the date in About section. One works only with software version 1.0 but from 2015 another works with software version 1.0 but from 2022. And not other way.

    So the only chance is to setup in analog non-protected connection.

    1. hi,
      so you mean two RT81 can not work in analog mode?
      Also can’t work in digital mode?


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