Some tips about the following questions

Some tips about the following questions.

The battery cannot be charged

1. Check whether the battery contacts of the radio are deformed
2. Check whether the battery is not installed properly, resulting in poor contact
3. Check if the battery is installed backwards
4. Check if there is a problem with the charger

The radio does not work

Many customers will report that their radios are not working, but they have not given detailed descriptions, which is why we cannot judge and solve the problem immediately. Please let us know if the radio cannot be turned on or if there are other specific problems.

When the radio cannot be turned on

1. Please check whether the radio has power
2. Please remove the battery and reinstall it
3. Please try to replace the battery

When programming, it prompts that the connection fails

1. Please check whether the driver is installed correctly and whether the port selection is correct. You can check it from device manager-port.
2. Please make sure ALL connections are TIGHT, in good connecting status, and try plugging and unplugging again.
3. Please try another computer
4. Please try another programming cable

The receiving sound is small

1. Please turn up the volume of the radio
2. Please check whether the battery of the radio is fully charged
3. Please check if the call distance is too far

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