How to make RT22 communicates with H777

RT22 communicates with H777, this will be a question to those who first use radio.

Now I will talk you how  to make the RT22 communicates with H777.

RT22 and H777  are all the analog  radios.So please make sure:

1.  The RX and TX frequencies must be same.

2,  The CTSCC/DCS code must be same.


Then we begin learn how to programming.

Please ready a cable for programming,you can also get it on Retevis website,

here is the link:

You can get the software  here: the H777 software.

About how to install the software,here is the blog:



Now we set  frequency and CTCSS/DCS of H777.

1.For example,Rx  Freq:465.65. Tx Freq:465.65 CTCSS/DCS   67

2.Then install RT22 software,just like H777.

3.Choose the corresponding Freq Range.Click”Machine”choose”Frequency.



4.Set same frequency and CTCSS/DCS with H777. You do not need select same channel with H777,as is the following shows,about RT22,you can select channel 5 ,They will not influence talking.Set Rx Freq 465.65.Tx Freq465.65,CTCSS/DCS  67



5.After you programming about RT22 and H777,then RT22 can talks with H777.

If you cannot program,please confirm if your cable and software are correct,or please contact will  solve the problem for you.

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