RT5 walkie-talkie

RT5 walkie-talkie emergency alarm function

Our RT5 walkie-talkie has many features.One of the essential functions of our RT5 is the emergency alarm function. When you encounter difficulties, you can press the alarm dedicated button on the walkie-talkie and wait for help.

So this function is very important, let me take you to understand ,emergency alarm function of RT5 walkie-talkie.


RT5 walkie-talkie What is the emergency alarm function?


The emergency alarm function: if an emergency situation occurs, press the alarm button, the intercom will sound an alarm or send a maximum audible alarm to other intercoms , issue a predetermined alarm code to other handsets or abutments.


Simply put, when you are in a dangerous situation, press the emergency button to call for help and get timely rescue.


RT5 walkie-talkie emergency alarm function setting


There is an emergency alarm button on the left of the RT5 walkie-talkie, which is CALL. When you turn on the emergency alarm function, you can press the emergency alarm button CALL,

and the intercom that you communicate with can receive the alarm tone.


Use of function

RT5 walkie-talkie
camping RT5 walkie talkie


If you want to go camping , other outdoor activities with friends or family, you can easily communicate with each other. In addition, when you are in an emergency, press the alarm-only button on the intercom, your partner can quickly find you and help you as soon as possible.

hunting 7W long range


If you are hunting with your family or friends, how do you communicate with others ,when you find prey or other urgent matters? With the radio, you can handle things better and notify your companions by pressing the alarm-only button on the intercom.


In short, we know that the alarm-specific keys on the RT5 walkie-talkie are not commonly used, but they are very important and can be very helpful when you need help.

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