How to make RT7 connect RT97 repeater

If you have a handheld radio Retevis RT7, the range can’t meet your requirement
You need a repeater RT97 to expand the range, do you know how to make RT7 connect RT97 repeater?

How to make the RT97 repeater work?

In order to make the RT97 repeater work well, you need the external antenna and coaxial Extend Cable for the RT97 repeater

A. Normally, the power of the RT97 repeater from 220V base charger, you also provide power in the car as the original package has a car charger available
The repeater needs to build indoor, if outdoor, you need to make a box to stop water into the repeater as it isn’t a waterproof repeater

make RT7 connect RT97 repeater

B. For the external antenna, you can choose MA05 High Gain Glass Steel Omni-Directional Antenna, which needs to build outdoor in a height place to expand the best signal

Retevis RT97 repeater

C.For coaxial Extend Cable, normally, the cable can’t require too long as the signal is easy to reduce, C9123A 15m Pure Copper should be enough to connect the antenna to repeater

How to make RT7 connect RT97 repeater

Here’s the default frequency below for the RT97 UHF version

Set up as below:

Channel one

RT7: tx fre=453.31250 RX fre=463.31250 CTCSS/DCS: 136.5

RT97: tx fre=463.31250 RX fre=453.31250 CTCSS/DCS: 136.5

You can reprogramme RT7 by software, please download and install software&USB driver under the support page of RT7 ads

There’s an article for reference on How to operate Retevis RT97 analog repeater:

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