Retevis RT57

How to operate RT57 wireless calling device?

In this article, we will explain how to operate RT57 calling device in details.

1. Plug in the power supply:
When operating the calling device, we must make sure power supply is plugged in.

2. Set the Radio ID:
Before the machine is powered, press <CALL> button, then plug in the power at the same time, we will see the radio ID number on the display flashing, <▲> or <▼> to select the desired radio ID number, wait till it’s no flashing .

3. Call operation:

A: Private Call: Select the radio ID you want to call, then press the <CALL> button, the button light will flash, wait for the other party to answer, if the other party does not answer within 10 seconds, it will stop automatically; after the other party answered, <CALL> button light will be on. You can talk to both parties. After the call is over, either party presses the <CALL> button to end.

B: Answer to a private call: When the call is received, the CALL light flashes. You can press the <CALL> button of the unit to answer the light. You can talk to both parties. After the call is over, either party presses the <CALL> button to end.

C: Group call broadcast: Press the < # > button, the intercom can broadcast the notification to all other calling device. When finished, you can press the < CALL > button again to exit.

D: Answer to a group call : When receiving the group call broadcast, if the unit wants to answer the other party immediately, you can press the <CALL> button of the unit, the light flashes long and you can answer the other party and answer the question. Press the < CALL > button to exit the talk. The intercom that was called by the group did not have the right to hang up.

What can Menu key on RT57 calling device do?

Press Menu one time, you will see the radio ID that’s standby private call, press twice, you can set this radio channel no., press three times, you can set this intercom receiving call ring.

Press <▲>or <▼>key, to select Call ring

Call ring 1: automatically receive( no ringing)
Call ring 2: automatically receive( after ringing)
Call ring 3,4,5: hand press Call button, after ringing

How to connect RT57 calling device with common analog radio?

RT57 has 10 channels.

Step1: Press menu key twice to set channel no..

Step 2:In analog radio( or digital radio analog mode), set the frequency and CTCSS exactly same as corresponding channel no. below.

Step 3:Press < * > key, you will talk with your presetted walkie talkie. Press Call key on local intercom to finish talking.

RT57 frequency
Ok, any other questions for RT57 operation, or if you are interested in RT57, please feel free to contact

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