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RT57 Duplex Wireless Calling Device Introduction

Do you need help choosing a wireless intercom for your office, business, or home? Retevis has released a Duplex Wireless Intercom System business Calling Device RT57. Which will mostly meet your need.

What RT57 looks like?

Weight 365g
Dimension 160*150*60mm

How to operate calling device RT57?

RT57 can be operated very convenient and easily.

Private call: call the radio ID you want to speak to.
Group call: send broadcast to all intercom
Talk with walkie talkie: with correct radio settings, RT57 can talk with analog walkie talkie, or talk with digital radios in analog mode

Why choose calling device RT57?

Clear sound quality
Duplex mode communcation: You can speak to other users if they are speaking at the same time.
10 selectable channels, Features an enhanced anti-interference and can work with other walkie-talkies when with same frequencies and CTCSS code.
5 selectable call tones
Can be applied with Family, Office, Outdoor Activity.
Interconnection between 99 devices

What’s the differences of RT57 calling device, comparing with normal walkie talkie?

Normal walkie talkie is simplex, when one side is speaking, the other party can not speak into. RT57 is mostly use on fixed position.

What’s the advantages of RT57 calling device, compare with cellphone?

RT57 is wireless device, it’s using the radio waves for transmitting. Once purchasing, no telephone expenses.

What the using scenarios for RT57?

1.home use:communicate between upstairs and downstairs.
2.Office use:communicate between different dept. and offices

If you are interested in RT57, or any other questions about RT57, we are always here to support. Please email to

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