retevis RB21 PTT walkie talkie user guide

How to Operate Your PTT walkie talkie RB21

PTT walkie talkie RB21 is the real POC two-way radio. It offers the Management platform to add groups or members, and also offers the GPS dispatch system to track and locate the group members. RB21 POC walkie-talkies not only support 2G/3G/4G cellular data network but also support Wifi network.

The best choice for a business like a hotel, security, fleet management, taxi company and etc. And it is very easy to operate.

In this blog, we will talk about how to operate Your PTT walkie-talkies RB21.

1, Insert the sim card and power on your RB21 PTT walkie talkie

Remove the battery case and battery, insert the SIM card into the slot. Because RB21 is a dual-sim PTT walkie-talkie. So you can choose one of the sim card slots to insert the sim card.

RB21 ptt walkie talkie-insert the sim card

2, Find the App PTT to log in

Click the PTT app, then enter into log-in page. The first time you need to set the IP address. Fill the IP with Click ok to confirm.

The step to log in PTT app on walkie talkies RB21

Then Fill in the account and password to log in. This place the account and password is the member’s license number and password. You can find it from the Management platform.

log in PTT walkie talkies RB21

3, Know different buttons on the PTT app

When you enter into the PTT successfully, you will see the page like the below picture.

ptt APP

Choose the group you want to talk to or use the current group, press the side PTT button or the icon to talk.

group call on ptt radio rb21
group call on ptt two way radio rb21

Private call, please click private to choose the member, then press PTT to send call. This member will receive the call, he/she can answer or hang up the call like the below picture:

private call on network radio RB21

That’s all. Very easy to operate your POC walkie-talkie RB21.

If you have any questions about how to operate your POC walkie-talkies, please leave comments below.

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