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Looking for good build quality and well-received walkie talkies for family use? RT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie offer an effective resolution. For children are not old enough to have their own phone, or for parents who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription for a sim card for their child, this RT49P good quality walkie talkie can fill some of the gap. They comes in handy in outdoor situations such as skiing and biking. It’s very compatible with Motorola however more affordable without losing any features of Motorola. Here let me introduce its some great features for outdoor activities with children.

Waterproof and Floating

floating function
waterproof and floating function

RT49P waterproof floating walkie talkie is IP67 waterproofing, which can stand constant submersion of up to 1m for 30 minutes. It will float on the water in case it falls into water, and the flashlight will flash with white led light, so it help you locate it because who knows where kids might drop their items.

Convenient Charging

li-ion batteries and Micro-USB charger
li-ion batteries and Micro-USB charger

The micro-USB charger is a handy port that allows you to conveniently charge your NiMH battery. Radio battery meter battery full bars indicates battery high. When battery meter shows 1 bar, device is on low battery mode and will indicate low battery alert in the forms of alert tone and blinking bar display.

Switch Power

You can adjust the power of the radios up to 2.0W.  The high output power of RT49P is 2.0W and low power is 0.5W . Press “menu” button until ‘Pr’ appears on the display can swith power.

NOAA features in FRS radio service

RT49P waterproof floating walkie talkies know the weather in advance, so you could keep updated with real-time weather conditions. Press and hold “lamp” button for 3 seconds can enter weather mode. You can set weather channels and set weather alert. More details can be found on the manual in the box.

Built-in Flashlight

Press the “lamp” button can turn ON/OFF the lamp. It lights your way especially for evening or dark activities. In the event of an unexpected emergency, press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds, the RED LED light will be activated.

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