RB85 noise reduction in club

RB85: Find peace in a noisy environment

One customer shared his work environment with us. He often worked in a club, near a DJ, and was deeply disturbed by the noise of the music. He was very specific and stressed the noise reduction ability of the intercom. We recommend the RB85, a wonderful noise reduction two-way radio. To help you find peace in a noisy environment.

As usual, let’s look at the exterior first:

Next, we should know the main parameters of RB85:

  • 16 channels
  • 400-470MHz frequency range
  • 2000mAh battery capacity
  • 228g weight

And the main functions and features:

  • intelligent noise reduction
  • TOT: time out timer
  • Scanning
  • VOX
  • BCL: busy channel lock
  • Squelch: 9 is highly sensitive, and 1 is insensitive, O is off.
  • Battery save
  • Emergency alarm: local and remote alarm

The most important part is the noise reduction function:

Operation: You should connect RB85 with your computer, and turn on the noise reduction function on the software. After that, you can experience the wonderful quality of noise reduction.

Testing: Our technicians tested its noise reduction function. After we turned on the noise reduction function, we played a piece of music at maximum volume. Another technician took the RB85 and went to the place where the music could not be heard.

Result: Through the test, we can know that the RB85 intercom can eliminate the background noise, to maximize the voice of the call. It collects more than 400 million voice samples and can only identify noise scenes including restaurants, meeting places, bus stops, subways, train stations, wind, music, and so on.

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