How to Pair Retevis RB37/ RB637 with Bluetooth Earpiece

How to Pair Retevis RB37/ RB637 with Bluetooth Earpiece

Retevis RB37/ RB637 is an license-free long range two way radio, can connect with Wireless Earpiece, 2000 mAh , Type-C Rechargeable, Wireless Clone, Flashlight, VOX, for Camping, Skiing, Hiking Biking …..


Retevis RB37-laura

How to pair a bluetooth headset when you receive theĀ  RB37/RB637 Walkie Talkie?

The steps are:
1.Turn on the walkie talkie
2.Turn on the headset
3.Long press PF1 button around 2 seconds.
4.When the LED light stop flashing, pairing successfully.

Two call modes:
1.Long press to keep talking (Similar walkie-talkie PPT);
2. Short press to start talking, short press again to stop talking;

Note: when you turn off the walkie-talkie or headest, you need to re-pair

In addition to Retevis RB37/RB637, we also have another Bluetooth walkie-talkie, if you are interested, you can take a look


Retevis RA19 walkie talkie is specialized for outdoor activities;out of the box; the ergonomic design is suitable for hiking; camping; riding; hunting; group traveling; etc
Unique bluetooth 2 way radios; you can connect the bluetooth headphone to communicate easily; make your outdoor adventures more convenient and simple
Powered by 1400 mAh Li-ion battery to meet your outdoor use needs; or you could use 3 AA batteries (not included)
Wireless copy function; you can quickly set radios at the same channel among you and your partners
While facing dangerous situations; you can turn on the emergency alarm function for help; vibration function allows you receiving the message at the first time even in a noisy environment
Crisp clear sound quality; crisp and smooth sound quality with adjustable volume level that you can get the crisp sound even in the rowdy places
Super LED flashlight will make more fun in the dark; removable belt clip can free your hand

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