Do you know how to program RT1?

RT1 is 10W radio,and the battery is 3000mAh,it can support longer distance communication,and the standby time is longer.It can use for long distance trip,communication,so it is popular with many people.However,after purchase them,many people can’t program it,so how to program RT1?Let’s learn it together.

What do you need?

1. RT1 radio

2. Program cable C9018A,you can get it from Retevis official website:


First,please download RT1 software and USB driver from Retevis website:

After you install the software,please connect your radio to computer tightly,use the program cable.

Please turn on your radio,select correct communicate port.

Then turn on your radio,since the frequency of RT1 UHF is 400-520Mhz,RT1 VHF is 136-174MHz,so you can’t out of this range,otherwise you can’t program.

Please click”setup”,select correspond frequency range.

Click”program-read from the radio”,then you can set the frequency that you want,such as RX frequency”446.3250”,RX frequency “452.6250”,

As the following picture shows:

Then click “program-write from the radio”,then you complete program.

Is it easy,right?Please try it.

If you have any question,please contact freely!

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