How to programme a license-free radio

How to programme a license-free radio recently most of the customers often mention. Today let us learn together how to programme it

Normal steps for programming a license-free radio

1. Choose one correct programming cable

2. Download and install the USB driver and software

3. Choose correct communication port

Taking RT27 as an example:

a. The programming cable is C9018A:

programming cable

B.The download address for USB driver and software:

programme a license-free radio

There’s an article for you reference on how to download software from Retevis

C. Keeping the same communication port between the the device manager and radio

communication port

Notice issues for programming a license-free radio

1. Normally programme a license-free radio, the frequency can’t be changed, but you can change CTCSS/DCS to talk with other brand radios(like Motorola and so on)


2. You can change other functions by software, such as vox, TOT, SQL and so on

RT27 software

3. Why the frequency of license-free radio can’t be changed, which depends on the communication rules. However, the same default frequency you can use them out of the box. If order more same license-free radios, one or two of them can’t talk with other radios, you only need to export the default frequency file from other radios then import this file to the radios which can’t normally talk


There’s an article for you reference on how to programme radios quickly:

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