Have a look at the new product ——green RT49P!

Green RT49P(RT649P) is an outdoor walkie-talkie with simple operation and superior performance.

Green RT49P(RT649P) outdoor walkie-talkie is a new product with a unique 1.25-inch LCD display. We’ve improved the flash, a 10mm flash, it can illuminate a wider range with higher brightness. When an alarm occurs, a brighter and larger flash is more likely to alert workers. And the waterproof function on outdoor walkie-talkie is very important,  the IP67 waterproof standard on RT49P can greatly meet the requirements of outdoor players. So that they can also enjoy the place where there is water. And we’ve greatly improved the color scheme for outdoor walkie-talkies, and the light green body brings you more hope and luck.

Retevis green RT49outdoor walkie-talkie
New product Retevis green outdoor walkie-talkie RT49P(RT649P)

What’s even more interesting is that when RT49P falls into the water, it can float on the water, it also automatically emits a light flicker to attract the attention of its owner, so as not to lose their loved ones. In addition, RT49P is equipped with 11CH NOAA, it keeps you up to date with weather changes. And it tells you extreme weather events timely. RT49P has a communication range of 1.8 km, which will make your call clearer. For the basic functions of the walkie-talkie,  we have retained these functions. Such as scanning, monitoring, voice control, alarm, keyboard lock, Call Tone, low power warning, low power blackout, and other functions, those functions can bring better user experience to consumers.

You deserve such a green outdoor walkie-talkie with simple and superior performance!

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