New Product release -Retevis RA15(RA615)

Retevis RA15(RA615) will be released soon by Retevis, they are children’s walkie-talkie suitable for outdoor use. This children’s walkie-talkie has delicate workmanship,and it has two colors.

New product Retevis  RT15 ( RT615)
New product Retevis  RA15 ( RA615)

Orange and green are two colors more attractive for young children. As for North American users, we equip RA15 with NOAA for FRS walkie-talkie models. With NOAA All Radio Channels,You can use your Radio to listen to NOAA All Hazards Radio. Turning On the Weather Alert function will allow your radio to receive NOAA Hazard Alert radio signals and warnings from designated NOAA Broadcast stations. If the radio is turned on, it will alert to Weather and other emergency Alerts broadcast by NOAA. So that outdoor players can receive weather alert timely, and they will not be worried about the extreme weather change.

For European customers, we added LPD433 frequency on the basis of PMR446 frequency, which greatly meets the needs of European customers. When the PMR446 channel is busy, users can use the LPD433 channel to communicate, which greatly provides convenience for users. Basic functions like VOX, roger beep, power save, button lock, call alert, and so on are retained on new product RA615. So the users will find how convenient your RA615 is!!!

You need a walkie-talkie like new product Retevis RA15(RA615) with bright color and many useful functions!!!

If you are interested in our new products or have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a message under the blog or contact us via email: partner@retevis.com.We will make a reply as soon as possible.

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