RB35 is a new business walkie-talkie with Good sound quality and high-cost performance.

Innovation  ONE: Channel locking. The Channel locking function can be done with the side key on the walkie-talkie. You can make it without modification through the programming cable. It greatly facilitates those consumers who cannot easily operate through the programming cable. At the same time, when the channel lock function is on, it can be locked to one channel. So the important information will not be missed due to the wrong touch.RB35 new business walkie-talkie will give you a better reception experience.

RB35(635)new business walkie-talkie
RB35 new business walkie-talkie

Innovative TWO,10mm flash, the larger flash on RB35 will also give users a better lighting experience. During a power failure or in the dark,  it makes your walkie-talkie a true flashlight. And for scanning function, it is convenient for the user to search for calls form other channels. when defined the side key button on the software with scan function, long press down the button for 2 seconds, the radio will active the scan function.

Also, we’ve reserved other features of the business walkie-talkie such as VOX, scanning, Alarm and low battery warning, and so on, which will largely satisfy users.

If you are interested in our new products or have any questions or suggestions, you can leave a message under the blog or contact us via email: partner@retevis.com.We will make a reply as soon as possible.

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  1. Kenneth Priest

    Could you please tell me how I can change my CTCSS from 67.0 to another CTCSS? The user’s manual mentions that it is available, however, looking at your website and manual shows no information on how to do this function. We have other schools and families using many of the frequencies and we all seem to be on the same CTCSS. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

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