Retevis RT47 with MURS

Retevis RT47 with MURS brings you more!

Retevis RT47 has released a new MURS frequency band, which gives consumers more choice and allows users to choose their frequency mode based on their purpose of use.

The best MURS radio is ideal for short-range communication. It does not require potential users to get a MURS license or certification to transmit via MURS frequencies. Also called multi-use radio service, the MURS handheld radio has a wide range of users. You can now see it being used by farmers, Walmart, warehouses, campers, hunters, fishers, security companies, and small businesses. It works excellently in promoting short-range communications even in those instances when your phone network is down.

It is even possible to use it for maintaining communications when patrolling an area or calling for help from neighbors. Many also love the MURS radio equipment because it is simple and easy to use. It just requires you to choose a channel to work – no need for programming or anything.

Retevis RT47 IP67 License Free Radio
Retevis RT47 IP67 License Free Radio

Compared to RT27, RT47 adds waterproof and dust-proof features, so that users can use it in environments with water, such as rain, waterside, dusty environments such as barns and workshops, and don’t have to worry about stopping the walkie-talkie in case of water and dust.

Meanwhile, other common functions, such as Scan function,Battery save function,Scrambler,VOX,Monitor,Busy channel lock,TOT,Low battery alert,Squelch function,CTCSS/DCS and other functions, we have made reservations, only to bring convenience to every consumer!

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