How to programme RT82 manually?

RT82 is IP67 dual band DMR radio, frequency UHF 400-480Mhz and VHF 136-174Mhz, which is very popular in Hams since it released. Not only it can be programmed by software, but also can be programmed by manually. Before there is article introduce how to programme RT82 in software, today let’s learn together how to programme RT82 manually.


Firstly, we simply set to allow programme RT82 by keyboard in software

Retevis RT82

1.Make VFO A and VFO B in the mode you like to programme,Such as digital mode, then write radio

Retevis RT82

2.Long press Back key on keyboard,switch to VFO mode

There are two ways to achieve private call by keyboard in VFO mode

A.Writing a frequency you like talk–menu–contacts–manual dial–input the radio ID number you like to private call–confirm–call alert

Then radio will private call others radio

B.Besides manual dial, you can also create a contact to do private call

Writing a frequency you like talk-Menu–contacts–New contacts–enter number(edit)–enter name(edit)–create a contact, then choose this contact in all contacts for a private call


By tested, RT82 only support programme by manually, don’t support group call. Please try to programme RT82 manually to follow steps above. Any questions please contact us by email,


More details about RT82 programmed blog below:

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7 thoughts on “How to programme RT82 manually?”

  1. In VFO mode it looks like there is no way to have different frequencies for RX and TX or set CTCSS values.
    This makes it impossible to manually program in settings for an analog repeater.

    1. In RT82 software, tick”Program Key”, and then on the radio VFO mode, you can change the RX and TX frequency. and set CTCSS values. If you also have questions, please email to Thanks!

  2. Which version of the programming software are you using? I have downloaded v1.22 from the Retevis site and it does not have the Program Radio button that you’ve highlighted above. Thanks

  3. Hello.
    Where can I download the version of the programming software that contains the “Program Radio” option?
    Thank you!

    1. Please donwload RT82 software again from retevis website. We have enable “progrm radio” option in the software.

  4. Can you please add the ability to switch between analog and digital while in VFO mode.

    I had programmed my radio VFO setting for analog on VFO A and digital on VFO B when there is activity on analog while switching to VFO B then VFO B will change to analog and I have to reprogram my radio to get digital back which is annoying.


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