How to quickly make communication between old and new radios?

Under same sets, two radios can talk with each other, if not, you have to reprogramme them again.Normally Retevis radios, the default frequency is same, but sometimes is different as frequency changed. In this case, you need programme them in software so that they can talk with each other. Let us learn how to quickly make communication between and old new radios in following.

RT22 for example


Programming a frequency in channel 1 in your old RT22, Then, save a file in dat to your CP desktop.

TX frequency: 433.62500


RX frequency: 433.62500


Here’s a blog about ‘ how to programme RT22’ for you reference

Retevis RT22

Opening this file in your new RT22, then ‘write radio’, other all new same operation ways one by one. This way, they can be quicly programmed with same frequency and CTCSS/DCS in same channel.


If you don’t understand about this way completely, please feel free to contact us by email,,


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