How to reset your new MMSI code on your RA27?

One of our RA27 marine radio operators asked, he has changed to a new boat, but he does not know how to reset his MMSI code on the RA27. If you still want to reset your new MMSI code on your RA27 marine radio, please follow this introduction.

Above all, please check the version of your RA27. If the version is 1.02 or a recent version, please follow this way to renew the MMSI code. If not, please contact us on FB or send an email to us.

Follow the steps to reset your MMSI code.

Step 1: Press the P2+OK buttons to turn on your radio, and press [MENU] to enter the menu mode.

Step 2: Find and choose the ‘MMSI Input’ list, press [OK] to enter the input tab, and start to reset your MMSI code.

In the process, if you want to cancel the step, you can press the [CLR] button to back to the main menu.

Step 3: Press the right and left buttons to choose which number you edited, and press[OK] to confirm the first number. Then, choose the right and left signs on the left lower corner. It is the way to move to the second number and set confirm the number.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 to input the 9 characters. And press the soft button[ ] to confirm the number.

Step 5: Input your full MMSI code again to finally confirm it.

Is it easy for you? When you did the process and back to the menu, the ‘MMSI Input’ list will disappear. Repeat Step 1 to start to reset your new MMSI code on your RA27.

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