what’re the essential things a kayaker should carry?

The essential things a kayaker should carry will help you easy to kayak and safe kayak. No matter if kayaking is a new hobby for you, or you are one of the experienced kayakers.

There are many beautiful places for kayaking. And you can go kayaking in different environments and in different boats, so this list is not exhaustive. But these items are essential.

Essential things a kayaker should carry

A personal floatation device or PFD.

It can save your life. Wear a life jacket is very important. Even in the safest environments, you can go into the water unexpectedly. Life is very important.

If you enter the water, having your life jacket on can honestly mean the difference between life and death. So never get in your kayak without it!

A paddle float

If you need to get back into your boat and no one is nearby, this paddle float will save you. But you need to practice in advance.

GPS/Map and Compass

Even though the maps and compasses have been replaced by electronic GPS devices. You also need to carry a map and compass on your kayak boat.

Flashlight and Walkie-Talkies

I don’t recommend night kayaking. Because it is incredibly risky to safely kayak a small boat on open water in the dark.

Whether it’s getting dark, or merely cloudy or foggy. It can be hard to see and be seen in your boat. Having a flashlight and walk-talkie will be the right idea. The flashlight will help you light the path, and walkie talkie can transmit or receive the message from your partners.

Kayak walkie talkie RT49P

Dry Bags

I think the dry bags are a great tool. After a day on the water, you are going to want to make sure your cell phone and extra clothes are clean and dry. You can get a small dry bag. Put your keys and cellphone, or clothes in it.

As a kayaker,  you should be familiar with these things. What items do you typically bring paddling with you to keep you safe?


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