How to set a group list for RT51?

How to set a group list for RT51?

If you want to make a group call, you need to set a goup list first, then add the RT51(members) into the group list, then you can make group call. Below is the way about how to set Group list for Retevis RT51:

First you need log in the management platform.

When you in it, Click the left menu:  Group Management-Add group, it will show this:

Then you can fill the Group name your want, but it  must less than 8 character. Then Click Save.

Then you can check your group from the group list. For example, I add a group name RT51Test. Then I checked the group list:

Let’s check this group ” RT51Test”.

Group ID: User’s ID is created automatically by system, changing is not acceptable.

Group name: You created by yourself.

Groupmembers: After you add devices, you can add again.(Or if you know the device ID, you can add it here)

Remark: You can note this by yourself.


Then if you want to add device, you can choose the group list you want. If you have many group lists, you can choose them on your radio:



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