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Retevis RT5:How to make the work better

The working effect of the Retevis RT5 walkie talkie will be greatly affected by the environment and terrain. Therefore, in different environments, it is necessary to adjust the function of the walkie-talkie to make the walkie-talkie work better.


Take the Retevis RT5 walkie-talkie as an example. Let’s find out how we should adjust to make Retevis RT5 walkie talkie  work better in open areas and densely populated areas.


Retevis RT5 select suitable output power

1.We can adjusted the dual-band of the walkie-talkie, because the Retevis RT5 walkie-talkie is the 7W dual-band VHF / UHF walkie-talkie.  In the open area, the Retevis RT5 walkie-talkie can be adjusted to the VHF band to have a good signal and range. But in densely populated areas, you need to adjust the walkie-talkie to the UHF band to make it work better.

RT5 dual band walkie talkies
long range outdoor radio

Adjust SQ level


2.Adjusted the squelch level, the higher the squelch level, the more noise is masked and the stronger the signal. Conversely, the lower the squelch level, the more noise, the weaker the signal.  And in open areas, you can turn down the squelch level to receive more farther signal ranges. In densely populated areas, you can increase the squelch level to receive stronger and clearer signals.

Retevis RT5 walkie talkie
RT5 dual band long distance

Battery full of power


3.Please make sure the battery is fully charged. Lower battery will affect the working effect of the walkie-talkie. When the battery is fully charged, the transmission power is high, and vice versa.


4.Install high-gain whip antenna will increase your communication range;here is good match antenna recommended for you


In different environments, the effect of the walkie-talkie we need is different. We can adjust the walkie-talkie according to our own needs to get the ideal work effect. The above method can be used as a reference.We hope to bring you aspects in the process of using it.

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