How to set Retevis RT24 scan function?

Sometimes, you want to know who are talking on the same frequency same as yours, or you want to talk into an unknown channel with the topic you are interested in, then you can set the radio scan function to realize it. Scan function is just like a function of “looking for friends”.Some customers bought our Retevis RT24, they may think RT24 scan function difficult to set.

Below please find some steps to learn how to set RT24 scan function easily:

Before setting RT24 scan function, you need:
1.Download and install RT24 USB driver and Programming software, from Retevis official website:
2.Connect RT24 to your computer(not support Mac system), using RT24 programming cable C9018A
3.Turn on the radio, open RT24 programming software
4.Choose the correct communication port
5.Click “Read” in “Program”Option
Let’s start setting RT24 scan function:
1.You can write the “frequency”(within RT24 frequency range) you want to scan, you can also choose the available frequency in the software. Just click “Yes” at “Scan Add” Option, at least two channels need choose “Yes” in “Scan Add” Option, to start scan function.
2.Choose the scan mode

Times: Walkie talkie will keep scanning at a fixed time, no matter there’s receiving signal or not
Carrier:Walke talkie will stop when you scanned a signal, you can talk into this signal, untill this signal is missing(nobody is transmitting), it will automatically scan the next signal (carrier scan mode is mostly commonly choosed)
3.Key point: You want to scan(receiving ) other signals, so it’s better set both RX and TX CTC/DCS tone OFF, keep your receving signal “door” open.
For example, we want to scan the frequency:

4.Click “Write to radio”, in program column.
5.Key point: Switch RT24 to channel 16, turn on the radio
Finally let’s test on RT24 scan function, using Retevis RT5.
Write the frequency(TX=TX) 462.2375 on RT5, talking on the RT5.
Now  RT24 will receive the scanned RT5 signal(received this frequency signal).
Done! Any more questions about RT24 scan function setting, please feel free to contact, we are always here to help!

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12 thoughts on “How to set Retevis RT24 scan function?”

  1. How to set Retevis RT24V scan function? There is no channel 16. Only on channel one I can hear “vox off” when I push PTT and turn on. Channel two up to six
    is without a function combined with PTT and turn on. Best Regards Ralf

        1. Hello! Sorry for the delay, according to the guidebook, you need to use software to activate the SCAN function, and then you can use the shortcut key to activate it!

          1. Hello James, I am using the software RT24 V1.20 to activate the scan function. The Scan Add column is “YES” on more than two rows. What is the shortcut key to switch on it on radio. Greetings Ralf

          2. Hello! please press the PTT button and turn on/ turn off the radio to on/off the Scan function, it is on the guide book page9.

  2. Hello James,
    thanks for replay. I did read guide book. It doesn’t work. Above is written “5.Key point: Switch RT24 to channel 16, turn on the radio” But I asked for RT24V it has only 6 channels. Switch RT24 to channel 16 is not possible. I tried channels 1 to 6 but it doesn’t work. On the channel 1 the radio says “vox of”. That’s all. Please take a RT24V and try it.
    Greetings Ralf

    1. Hello! did you use software and programming cable to open the SCAN function on the radio?

  3. Hello,
    The scan function is not available on the Freenet 6-channel device as described in the manual (the scan function can be switched on or off by pressing the PTT) even if Scan add is activated in the software !!!!!!!! Only 6 channels can be switched on this device, so I cannot switch on a scan function with channel 16. This is a bug in your product.
    What is your solution ???
    Best regards

  4. Mikhail Petrov

    What is the function of PTT + Power On on channel 13? (Visually) It only sets the red led on. When you push the PTT button it goes green and after release it is back to red state.

  5. If I set scan carrier mode, if I ear a person and I press PTT button, he hears me? And…how understand which cannel?

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