RT25 Makes Us Closer –Main Channel( Two )

People has known RT25 already in the article RT25 Makes Us Closer ( One ). Maybe you will like it just because the Main Channel function. This is function is suitable for business workers. They won’t miss the boss’s signal if they set this function on their radios.

How to Set Main Channel Manually

Turn on the radio when it with enough power. If you want to set channel 3 as main channel to keep connection with your boss or manager. And you always have to stay channel 6 to communicate with your partners. Then press [key 3] first, after that long press the [key 16], you will hear a voice says (Channel Set). Have done. Now channel 3 is the special channel now, you could press channel 6 to talk with your partners. After a while, it will back to channel 3 automatically. If you don’t change the default TIME setting in the programming software, this Main Channel Reset is 50s, it means after each 50s you stay in channel 6, it will back to channel 3 automatically.

How to Set It in the Programming Software

First, you should install the RT25 programming software to your PC. And you must have a RT25 special USB programming cable.
Second, Connect the radio to your PC firmly by the special programming cable, turn on the programming software. You will see the Main Channel and Main Channel Set (TIME) in the table.
Third, choose the correct communication port, read from radio first. Then you set channel 3 as special channel. And set the suitable Main Channel Set time, such as 400s. Then write the information to radio. It is done.
Finally, all of the above is the function settings of Main Channel. So you will not miss the important message by setting the important person in special channel. RT25 makes you and your manager closer.

main channel setting in the programming software

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Do not wait!! RT25 will make us closer not only by this function. I will let you know more about it. If you have any comment about it, you could leave message under this article, I will reply you in 48 hours. Thanks!

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  1. Hello Rita,

    I use Retevis RT21 and RT22 in our warehouse.
    Recently I bought 2 Retevis RT25 and I would like to know if these radios can communicate together ?
    Thank you.

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