How to adjust RT24 VOX level?

What’s radio VOX function?

VOX, which stands for Voice Activated Transmit is a feature that allows you to use your two-way radio hands-free. VOX type headsets keep the microphone active all the time, which means that the radio will automatically start transmitting when you speak.

When we need use VOX function?

Most two ways radio has VOX function, as it’s very convenient when using radios in conditions that need release your hands. Such as a restaurant waiter,when you have food in hand, VOX function can help you talk with others smoothly, no need press PTT on radio frequently.

Also like a construction builder, when you are working on the high buidling but you need radios to talk with your partner, then no need always press PTT, so VOX makes your communicateion safier. So VOX not only make your handsfree, but also make your job more safe.

RT 24, as a new arrival Retevis Two way radio, sure, it has VOX function.

How to set RT24 VOX function?

1.Download and install RT24 Universal USB driver and software from Retevis official website:
2.Connect your RT24 to your computer, using programming cable C9018A
3.Turn on the radio
4.Choose the correct communicate port in RT24 software
5.Click “Program”—“Read from radio”, then you get RT24 default frequency
6.We will see RT24 has 1-9 and off, total 10 levels

How to adjust RT24 VOX level is best?

Take note that VOX only refer to transmitting part(for setting on a transmitting radio only). Normally we choose the middle level, such as level 4 or 5.
A.if your surroundings is too quite, then we need choose a lower level, such as 2 or 3, to enhance a tranmit sensibility.
B. If your surroundings is is too noisy, then we need choose a higher level, such as 7,8 or 9. because higher level, it decreased the communication sensibility, other noisy and useless signal can not be easily transmitting, this way, enhanced the communication audio quality.

Done! Any questions about RT24 VOX setting, please feel free to contact, we are always here to help!

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  1. Rob Hanscombe

    The page that you give for downloading the software does not exist. Where can I get this please

  2. When I use a headset with a vox option it works great for 4 mins and then deactivates and an alarm continuous tone is transmitted. Why is it not working?

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