RT24 squelch

How do you adjust RT24 squelch level?

How do you adjust RT24 squelch level?

A squelch is the circuit that reduces static and excess noise on a wireless receiver or other device. Setting it properly improves audio quality by filtering out unwanted signals.

Most two-way radio has squelch function, for radios that have LCD display, we normally find the squelch option in menu, then choose the level accordingly.

RT24, as a new arrival Retevis Two way radio, sure, it also has squelch function.

How to set RT24 squelch function? Steps as below:

RT24 software
RT24 software

1.Download and install RT24 Universal USB driver and software from Retevis official website:https://www.retevis.com/resources-center/
2.Connect your RT24 to your computer, using programming cable C9018A
3.Turn on the radio
4.Choose the correct communicate port in RT24 software
5.Click “Program”—“Read from radio”, then you get RT24 default frequency
6.We will see RT24 has 0-9 , total 10 squelch levels.

How do you adjust RT24 squelch level?

Please take note that squelch only referers to receiving part, so only setting on the receiving two-way radios. Normally we first choose the middle level, such as level 4 or 5( if total is around 10 levels)

A.if you find there’s too much noisy, static, hiss, or other useless signals,in your receiving signal, then we need adjust the sequelch level bigger, such as level 7, or 8. The higher the squelch level, the lower the receiving sensibility.(filter out useless receiving signal, only tranmit main transmitting signal) However, the higher the squelch level is set, the more likely it is to block out legitimate signals. So we need adjust the level not only one time for the best receiving effect.

B.If you find in your receiving signal, is too weak, it’s hard to reach the signal, then we need adjust the sequelch level smaller, such as level 2,3. This ensures that useless weak signals and interference are filtered out. Stronger signals should have enough strength for the receiver to pick them up and let them through.The lower the sequelch level, the higher receiving sensibility.
Any questions about RT24 squelch function setting, please feel free to contact kam@retevis.com, we are always here to help!

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