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Amazing RT25 kill other radios (One)

ONE of my customers is a warehouse manager, the workers in the warehouse use the same two way radios to communicate with each other in daily working. One day, one worker lost his radio when getting off work on the way backing home. If someone pick up the radio, he could hear the warehouse workers talking, and this will make the secret information disclosure. He was nervous and don’t know what to do, so he turned to me ask for help. I said : You could kill that radio and the radio could not work until you wake up it.
Amazing!! RT25 is such a magical radio could Remote Stun, Remote Kill and Remote Wake Up the lost RT25 radio.

Firstly. What is meaning of Remote Stun, Remote Kill and Remote Wake Up

Remote Stun

The control center limit the radio tramsmit signals when special circumstances occur. For example, team leader is talking, and the content should be only listen and remember by the members, no need to ask question. At this time, the leader could stun the members radio. When he finish talking, he could wake up other radios.

Remote Kill

A function of the walkie talkie. When the handset is accidentally lost or other special circumstances occur, the control center can use this function to remotely kill the radio, make this lost radio stop working, so that it can not receive and transmit signals, thus preventing illegal use and prevent the information is leaked.

Remote Wake Up

A function of the walkie talkie. When the radio accidentally lost, you could remote kill the radio. Fortunately, when find the radio the control center could wake up it and the radio could work as normal.

If you want to know how to set RT25 Remote Stun, Remote Kill and Remote Wake Up Function, Click here to enjoy it!

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