How to set Retevis RT84 scan in analog mode?

RT84 own scan fucnction in analog and digital mode, today we learn to how to set Retevis RT84 scan in analog mode

Download RT84 USB drive and software by this link:

Retevis RT84 scan function

Creat some channels by software

Firstly, writting some channels in analog mode, like channel one, two, three, four, five…
channel one: tx=rx 442.55000 ctcss/dcs: off
channel two: tx=rx 452.45000 ctcss/dcs: off
channel three: tx=rx 462.35000 ctcss/dcs: off
channel four: tx=rx 472.25000 ctcss/dcs: off
channel five: tx=rx 432.15000 ctcss/dcs: off

Retevis RT84 scan function

Please note check ‘auto scan’ in each channel

Taking these channels to Zone one in channel member A

Retevis RT84 scan function

Building a scanlist to add all channels will be scanned

Retevis RT84 scan function

Setting a sidekey to turn on/off scan function
Retevis RT84

RT84 only can be scanned as channel, not frequency
Please choose channel mode on display screen
Retevis RT84

After all done, we make RT84 talk with HD1 radio by scan method

Firstly, simply set a analog channel same as RT84, for example, channel three: tx=rx 462.35000 ctcss/dcs: off
Secondly, when you turn on RT84 scan function, you will find RT84 talk with HD1 in channel three, which indicate scan fucntion is success

Do you know how to set Retevis RT84 scan in analog mode, if you still have some questions, please feel free to contact us by email,


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4 thoughts on “How to set Retevis RT84 scan in analog mode?”

  1. Hello! There is a problem with scanning. If you add a channel to the scan list In a radio station, you cannot start scanning on it. Scanning can only begin with channels that are added to the scanlist from the computer.

  2. The freq channel button displays the channel name instead of the frequency with this button.

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