How to set RT1 scan function

How to set RT1 scan function.

1.What is the meaning of the scan function?

When you want to talk to someone immediately, ask for help. You need to use the radio scanning function.

The scanning function can scan all the channels that can be scanned in your intercom.
Then when you receive the signal, the scan will stop in a certain way so that you can talk to people on this channel.

Today we will mainly talk about the scanning function of RT1.

2.RT1 scan function.

First open the scan function  on your software.

Check the scan function.There are 3 function keys in the scan function.

1)Priority channel, you can choose it off or you can choose it from 1 to 16.

The Priority channel means every time the next channel scanned, the priority channel will be scanned again.

For example, If you set 16 channel is the priority channel. the scan function will scanned like this.………………

2)Scan speed,the range is 100-500 ms

It means the consumed scan time on each channel.You can set the speed you like.

3)Dropout delay time, the range is 3-30s

For example, you set Dropout delay time is 5s, It means the scanning continues for 5 seconds after the signal disappears.

After you set all the function on the software.

Rotate to 16 channels, then press the PTT and H/L keys at the same time turn on your radio , then turn to other channels and then rotate to 16 channels. You can start scanning.

The sign of successful scanning is that the green light of the radio has been blinking.

When the radio scans the signal, it stops scanning. So the scanning method is CO(carrier search).

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