How to set RT5 scan function

How to set RT5 scan function.

1.What scenes can be used for scanning

When you don’t want to manually search which channel someone is on, you can turn on the scan feature and let the radio automatically search for signals.

When you need emergency help, you need to turn on the scanning function and ask for help.

When you accidentally enter the wrong frequency but do not remember your partner at that frequency.

You can also turn on the scan feature to find the channel your partner is on.

2. RT5 scan function

Open your RT5 software. Connect the radio to your computer.Choose the correct port

And then you will find the scan function and then You need to follow the steps below.

1) read the data from your radio .

2)Check the scanning function.

There are three scanning options: TO(Time), CO(Carrier),SE(Search)

The scan function also can be selected on the radio by hand.

3)In the scan add option, select the channel to be scanned as on.

4)Write the data to radio.

Then the scan function will work.

Now you can turn on the scan function on your radio,long press the scan key the scan function will act. then the indicator will flash, it means scan on.

Press any key on the keyboard, the scan will stop.

You can also change the scan direction.

When the scan is act , press up key it will scan forward,press the down key it will scan backward.

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