How to set RT82 scan function?

Digital radio normally has lots of channels, such as RT82, it has 3,000 channels. In order to have a higher scan efficiency, normally we need distinguish different scan list. In different scan list, we scan different channels. Many hams are interested in scan functions in digital radio like RT82, but do you know how to set RT82 scan function?

For scan function, we need programme in software.
Step 1: Please intall RT82 software from Retevis official website: First Universal USB Driver, then programming software.

Step 2: create scan list

In each scan list, add the channels you want to scan
You can also set Priority Channel.RT82 scan

Retevis RT82Step 3: choose the scanlist in the channel

scan functionStep 4:Turn on the radio, switch to channel 1, for example
Step 5: two ways to activate/start scan function 1–>menu–>scan–>turn on
B.Designate side key to be scan function.

The top indicator light turn green, radio enter scan mode.

In channel 1, we added the scanned list 1, which means we will scan all signals that can talk with the channel 1, channel 2, channel 3.

Such as channel 2 original setting as below:

RT82 scan functionWhen channel 1 is scanning, at the same time, there’s another radio, Retevis RT3, with same fequency and color color setted, and contact name belong to same group ID as scanning RT82, now channel 1 will receive signals of RT3 , they can communicate with each other.

You can take a try for RT82 scan function, any other questions, we can discuss again! Thanks.


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