How to set the RT3s VOX function?

How to set the RT3s VOX function?

Do you know what is the VOX function? Do you want to use the walkie talkie to talk with other and make your hands free?

Would you like to send voice signals without using the PTT on Walkie Talkie? VOX function can meet your requirement.

Come and try the VOX function! Today we will tell you how to set the  RT3s VOX function on.

  1. You need tick the VOX in the RT3s software, pls noted that we need to tick to sections, like below:
  • In Menu Item, it is make sure that the VOX function is appears in the Utilities- Radio setting of walkie talkie.
  • In VFO mode: it is make sure you can program the VOX manually.   Menu-Utilities-Radio Setting-VOX-Turn On.

2.You can set the VOX sensitivity in your radio;

Menu-Utilities-Program Radio-VOX

The larger the number, the higher the sensitivity.

3. Then you can program your radio manually.

For the Analog Model ,Make sure all communication channels are with same frequencies, and CTCSS/DCS.

For Digital model, make sure the frequencies, color code,contacts and time slot is the same.

Today we will use the Analog model to test.

TX:144.65000;       RX:144.65000;                   CTC/DCS: Off;

VOX sensitivity is 5;

Then you can see your radio can talk with each other by VOX,no need to press PTT.


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