RT5R walkie talkie

RT-5R and RT-5RV Main Functions Comparisons

RT-5R walkie talkie  and RT-5RV  walkie talkie let’s compare the functions between these two radios.when we use the walkie-talkie, we will choose a suitable.

The difference and the main functions between RT-5R and RT-5RV

People who have used RT-5R and RT-5RV know that they are only different in appearance,RT-5RV walkie talkies is more durable because it has metal framework and made in special materials but their performance and functions are basically similar,such as they are all High/Low (5W/1W) and 1400mAh Li-ion battery capacity and so on.So what are the main functions of these two walkie-talkies?

1.Easy to program:RT-5R and RT-5RV  Keyboard program and PC program.

You can program them to get the frequency easily and conveniently, you can program these two walkie-talkie with keyboard or on the computer.The RT-5R and RT-5RV can be programmed on chirp,too,it is very easy to operate.

2. FM Function

RT-5R and RT-5RV  FM Function(receive only):68-108MHz

FM function can help you for Leisure time and alone time.If possible, you can use it to listen the local police and fire chatter, emergency report, weather or other news.You also can listen the FM radio while receive the signal of your partner

RT5RV walkie talkie
Built-in high brightness LED could also be used as a flashlight or alert system for emergency situation

3.50 CTCSS/105 DCS and Squelch Function

RT-5R and RT-5RV  CTCSS and DCS Codes Keep you away from receiving irrelevant calls and allow you to do private communication

0-9 grades help you suppress background noise, enhancing signal sensitivity and sound clearly

4.VOX function

RT5R and RT5RV
High/Low (5W/1W) selectable 2 way radios;true battery capacity battery can last 6-12 hours

VOX function allows your hands free when busy and adjust the VOX level could control the background noise

5.Dual band(VHF/UHF)

RT-5R and RT-5RV cover almost all the frequency using mostly,FRS.GMRS.MURS and other business frequency.You can choose the frequency you want and need,even if you use them in different countries and regions. NO questions will appear .

RT-5R and RT-5RV also have many other functions such as Scan function,VOX function,Keypad lock function,Emergency alarm function and so on.

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