RT51 PoC Press-to-Talk over Cellular Radio

Press-to-Talk over Cellular, the full name of PoC. By using the the mobile phone network like 4G to make and receive calls.

Our RT51 Poc radio with the same technique of that. By inserting the US carriers AT&T or T-mobile sim card into our radio, build the group list and add the members into the group, you can make calls.

Key Features

1, The national coverage

Our RT51 communication range covers the US national. When you have access to the 3G or better cellular data( 4G) You can talk to your other POC devices (RT51) that are also in 3G or 4G

2, Instant Push-to-Talk calls

Unlike mobile phone calls you can push the PTT and talk. No dialing, no waiting for the call to be answered.

3, One to Many

Unlike the mobile phone with one-to-one talk, our RT51 can make calls one to many. When you talk in a group, the members in same group can listen and answer you, we called group call.

4, Transmit Interrupt Capability

In same group, each device be given different permissions. The device with high privilege can interrupt the call of people with low privilege at any time; it is very convenient for managers to notify urgent information

5, GPS

We will offer the PC dispatch system to view the real-time location of each PoC device.

6, PC communication

When you log into the PC dispatch system, you can make group call or private call on the PC system.

The users:

1, Who need to travel a lot such as couriers, taxis, haulage and skip hire companies.

2, Along with companies that have multiple sites spread out across large areas.such as a security firm patrolling multiple industrial estates or a retail firm with lots of outlets across the country that want them to stay connected.



RT51 Poc radio costs:

There are three costs for our RT51 radio

1, The device: we will charge USD129 for one device

2, PoC Server access: we called Yearly Subscription fees. With a small annual fee USD10 per device (account) to access the PoC network.

3, Sim card: A SIM card with only a data allowance is needed. Only US carrier AT&T or T-mobile.


The first two costs will be charged by Retevis, and the third cost will be charged by US carriers


We will offer:

1, The management platform to manage devices and group list.

2, The programming software for you to program your radio.

3, The PC dispatch system for you to view the real-time location of each PoC device.


If you want to know more about this RT51 Poc radio, please leave message with your questions or contact us on facebook: www.facebook.com/retevis



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