How to set up Retevis RT40’s one-touch call and SMS function

How to set up Retevis RT40‘s one-touch call and SMS function

RT40 is Retevis First License-Free PMR446 DMR Radio. The digital radio usually has a lot of features, we will talk about how to set up Retevis RT40’s one-touch call and SMS function in this blog.

1. Install the driver and programming software
The programming cable of RT40 is C9018A
Then you can open the website and click the support, you will find the corresponding software:

2. Edit the preset SMS content through the software: as follows

3.Set one key to call the contact

4. Edit one key operation by software, set one key call to select contact, call type, SMS content.

5. Edit the side key customization through the software to select one key call

6. set a channel to interoperate with other machines, you can choose the current channel to transmit contacts for group calls, so that it is convenient to test one-touch call single call. The following video operation

7. the type of voice call and short data valid bits in the channel, you can choose to confirm or non-confirm.

Select confirm to indicate: with confirmation, it is to wait for the other party to reply (can receive), the action will continue (send SMS or one-key call, if the other party does not reply (can not receive), will prompt failure.

Choose non-confirmation: it will not prompt whether the other party receives it or not.

A key call or launch SMS, if the launch of the other party to receive success, then will receive, green indicator flashing and then extinguished, a drop, if the launch of the other party to receive unsuccessful, then the red indicator tip flashing four times, and then a long drop, indicating that the other party did not receive




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