License Free DMR Handheld Radio RT40 Just Released

The good news is Retevis has announced a new addition to its DMR product lineup – License Free DMR Handheld Radio RT40. Let’s take a quick review of this new arrival.

License Free DMR Handheld Radio RT40

The RT40 is both a PMR446 radio and a DMR radio, so it is not only license free but also has analog and digital two modes.  It supports signal call, group call and all call to meet your different communication needs. The range of RT40 is up to 1.7km in the city. (The actual distance is affected by the environment and the terrain.)

Licence Free DMR Handheld Radio RT40
License Free DMR Handheld Radio RT40

Digital and Analog Dual Mode

It supports both analog and digital two modes, which can be compatible with other analog or digital two way radios.

AES128-bit Encryption

RT40 has AES128-bit encryption, which enables secure communication between parties and is achieved by loading the same key into all radios in a group.  AES128-bit encryption is considered to be very secure.

Large Channel Capacity

Unlike a normal PMR446 radio, the walkie-talkie has 48 channels – 32 digital and 16 analog. Effectively reduce the inconvenience caused by fewer channels and meet flexible and extensive communication needs.

Large Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of RT40 is 2000mAh, which obeys the 5-5-90 standard. 22-hour standby time effectively reduces charging frequency and prolongs working time.

Lone Worker Function

The Lone Worker feature has a timer in the radio which measures inactivity. If the timer goes over, a warning is issued, and if there is no response to that, the alarm is triggered. The function is to ensure the safety of employees in dangerous working environments.

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