How to turn on vox function?

How to turn on vox function in analog and digital radio? You can turn on it by software, some radios can be turned on by the keyboard.

What is VOX, and how does it work?

VOX stands for “Voice Operated Exchange”. To put it in simple terms, that just means voice-activated transmission. With this mode switched on, the two-way radio is always listening out for human speech. It does this by detecting tiny changes in the air pressure. It then automatically starts transmitting when someone starts talking. Once you stop, the handset will stop transmitting, so that you can hear the other person’s reply.

How to turn on vox function in digital radio?

Taking RT3s as an example:

In Menu Item, please check the vox function to make sure it appears in the Utilities- Radio setting of walkie talkie.

How to turn on vox function

turn on RT3S vox function

In VFO mode, the same way you need to check the vox function to make sure you can program the VOX manually.   

Menu-Utilities-Radio Setting-VOX-Turn On.

Retevis RT3s

You can set the VOX sensitivity in your radio

Menu-Utilities-Program Radio-VOX

The larger the number, the higher the sensitivity.

There’s a video to introduce detail on how to use VOX Function on Retevis RT3S

How to turn on vox function in analog radio?

Taking RT22s as an example:

In optional features, pls check vox function by software. At the same time, you also change vox level and vox delay time

Besides you can set vox function by software, you also turn in it by the keyboard.

There’s a more simple way by the keyboard to turn on/off vox function

Pls firstly change channels to 7 and turn off radio, then press’ ch+’ and turn on radio you will hear vox on

Retevis RT22 vox function


The vox function make your hands free so most of radios h have this function, if you have any questions pls feel free to contact us by email,


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