High-power RT1 helps the busy farming season

Starting in mid-August, harvesting and planting began one after another in various countries. High-power RT1 helps the busy farming season. The endless harvest scene is really shocking.

The crops range from seeds and tender seedlings to strong corn, wheat and soybean crops, as well as fruits and vegetables. This is the proudest moment for farmers.

Large harvesting machines enter the fields, harvesting crops and fruits line by line. I really appreciate the gift of God.

At the same time, the harvesting and planting of crops has also increased the requirements for farm workers and collaboration requirements. This production demand reflects the demand for instant communication.

High-power RT1

Today, a customer said that he wanted a long-distance communication, long-lasting battery and suitable for hunting and farm use.High-power RT1 perfectly meets the needs of customers.

The RT1 power reaches 10W, which extends the communication distance and communication effect. The long standby time is 260 hours and 10 days, which can meet the needs of farm staff.

Two Antenna (High gain antenna and Common antenna) Increase your distance further. In addition, the box is equipped with earphones, which can allow users to listen to information normally in a noisy environment. Really a powerhouse of outdoor walkie-talkies.

If you are also in the busy time of farming, don’t miss this high-power RT1.

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