Retevis RB36 License-free Two-way Talk Loudspeaker Is going on!!!

Retevis RB36 is just like a microphone and a sound, but it has two-way communication.

You can use your radio connect to connect this Two-way loudspeaker.

It is a very useful tool for restaurants, playgrounds, factory workshops, classrooms, conference rooms, and scenic spots.

Retevis RB36 License-free Two-way Loudspeaker
Retevis RB36 License-free Two-way Loudspeaker


  • There is a power port on the right side of the loudspeaker, please plug in the power before use


  • There are two black knobs on the right side of the loudspeaker, respectively the volume knob and the switch knob.


  • If the loudspeaker needs to change frequency, insert the programming cable into the port at the bottom of the loudspeaker and change it to the same frequency as the walkie-talkie, then you can use it to talk.


  • There is a red button at the bottom right of the front of the loudspeaker, which is the launch button of the loudspeaker. While receiving the voice, you can also press the red button to talk with the walkie-talkie with the same frequency.


Electrical Specification

  1. Working frequency: 400-470Mhz, 16 channels.
  2. The maximum audio output power is 10W, powered by a 12V DC power supply.
  3. The sensitivity of wireless receiver -117dbm
  4. 4.Power supply: 12V/2A switching power supply.
  5. Speaker size: 158mm
  6. Speaker sensitivity:91dB
  7. Speaker frequency response 90-16000Hz
  8. Appearance size: 260X186X120mm

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