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How to update your RB17P GMRS radio to connect a repeater?

For the first person to try tomato:

The RB17P GMRS radio with a big screen and functional keypad. The most popular function is that you can switch or turn off the CTCSS/DCS codes on the radio. And you do not have to program it on your computer. And the functional keypad can help you program other basic functions on the radio, such as frequency mode and channel mode switch, H/L power, squelch level, power saving, backlight color and time, TOT. That means you can adjust the functions to meet your needs in different scenarios.

RB17P 3 side look

How to update the RB17P?

There is an issue with RB17P. The Tx and Rx frequencies of the last 8 repeater channels are reversed, so you cannot connect a repeater to expand the communication range. However, our technicians have fixed the issue. So, the update is important for the first person to try tomato.

So, first, if your RB17P has to be fixed, you can contact us on Facebook, Email, or even the comments↓ to send the software and other files to you.

The files include the updated software, register file, a factory programming software.

Second, you have to unzip the register file on your computer, and you will find that when the black dialog box pops up and disappears, the registration is successful. And you have to install the updated software and connect your radio to your computer. And choose the right port to update. And you will find the available time on it.

When you update successfully, you can install the factory programming software to program the frequency and activate more functions.

After that, you can connect your RB17P to a repeater.

Someone wants to turn off the tones of the radio, so you can find the process on the blog HOW TO ADJUST THE CTCSS/DCS CODES ON RB17P.

The RB17P GMRS radio is a wonderful communication tool for your outdoor and life, so we hope it can be a friend to you. And if you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comment area.


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3 thoughts on “How to update your RB17P GMRS radio to connect a repeater?”

  1. I just purchased two RB17P radios and cannot heard repeater audio but the radio is receiving the transmission. If you press the small button on the left side of the radio you can then hear the audio. What am I doing wrong and what can I do to allow me to hear the repeater audio?

  2. Rich Dunajewski

    Looking for the updated software to fix the RB17P, including updated firmware. Purchased through Amazon.

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