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Winter Olympics 2022 with ski radios

The 2022 Winter Olympics is held in Beijing. And the battle of ice and snow has begun. When athletes compete, more people are influenced to learn to ski and enjoy skiing. It’s not enough for us to just be physically protective. On a wide ski field, it’s vital for new skiers to be in communication at all times. At the ski resort, instructors and rescue workers rely on radio communication. So we also need a radio to talk. That’s the ski radio we’re going to talk about.


Recently, one of our customers shared some photos with us, they used a kind of water-resistant license-free commercial radio RB617. Look at the picture. They’ve bought 10 radios for their work and activities. They also used this radio in mountain climbing.

Before a month, another customer, who is also a photographer shared his RT49 on his Instagram page. He also uses the radio while skiing.

Retevis RT49 radio for skiing

What kind of radio is more suitable for use in ski resorts?

  • Visibility radio: bright green or orange color can be found easily.
  • The emergency alarm function: local emergency alarm and remote alarm can help you get help quickly.
  • Long-range: long-distance┬áradio can talk to more people.
  • Fit the headset: Comfortable to wear in the helmet.

Recommend radio and accessories:

The license-free radios: RT49, RA19, RT45P

The licensed radios(GMRS): RT27, RT76P, RB17V

The RA19 with a Bluetooth earpiece, so you can use it via the VOX function.

So, it is also a good time to ski in the mountain and resorts, and the wonderful things should share with your partners. So, it is not late to have a ski radio.


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